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Whatever your needs,
We   have a  show for you......

Whether it's your bar, wedding, or ex's funeral. We have a well thought out setlist and show catered to your needs. Please let us know how we can help get your party started!

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Late night partying is just our thing! We can have everyone singing along in their seats, or getting up and rocking out front row!

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Want something a little more mellow for the kids and family? We have you covered there too!


Jack and Jill's

We are ready to make your Jack and Jill a night to remember. Here we offer not only a live music performance, but also MC'ing, and DJ'ing!



If you want something sweet for your ceremony, acoustic options are available. Here we can set the perfect mood for your romantic afternoon. Then you can follow it by having the band in the ballroom to perform for the Reception.


Private Parties

Want us all to yourself?

We'd like that too. Let's all share an evening of partying together. we'll bring the music, you bring the dance moves. 


Acoustic Duo's

If your venue can't fit an entire 4-piece band, we offer a smaller acoustic package to get the party going!


To entertain your family, friends, or patrons!

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